05 February 2007
09 February 2007
The Icograda Design Week was held in Mumbai, and aimed to bring light to the role of localized design in a globalized world.
The Icograda Design Week was held at Mumbai, India in February 2007, and was hosted by the Industrial Design Centre (IDC), which is a post-graduate design school at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, Mumbai

135 students and 18 facilitators from 15 countries participated in the Workshop. 1250 students + Faculty members + professionals attended the International Design Conference. 60 educators attended the Graphic Design Education Meet. Approximately 5000 people have visited the exhibitions.

The event was lively, interactive and thought provoking and provided a great opportunity for attendees to converse with grandmasters of design, interact with thought leaders and listen to the visions of outstanding designers. The event aimed to bring light to the role of design in a connected global world within the context of design that is local.

To view images from the event, see our India Design Week photo archive.

For more information, visit the Design Local - Icograda Design Week in India website
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