space-x: an exchange forum on information design for visually impaired people

25 October 2010
26 October 2010
Vienna, Austria
Space-x will investigate the contribution of information design to make space more accessible and enjoyable for visually impaired people. This design approach must fulfil the requirements of functionality, but beyond that space-x introduces the aspect of aesthetics in barrier-free design.

The space experience of public space, private space, work environment, public transport and sports will be approached through an intercultural East-West perspective and a forum for exchange.


Blind and visually impaired people experience space (public space, private space, work environment and public transport) differently than non-impaired people. There is much that non-impaired people can learn from blind and visually impaired to be able to contribute to improved public awareness and to provide more appropriate and enjoyable space.


30 speakers representing 11 countries will contribute to the event under the topics: Design and Perception; Education and Transfer; Devices, Tools and Capabilities; Mobility and Discovery and Visual Impairment and Design.

  • Barker Peter and his dog Rupert - RNIB / The Guide Dogs for the Blind / Sign Design Society
  • Bessemans Ann & Willems Bert - Leiden University & Hasselt University (PHL University College)
  • Braun Christiane - Art Historian Vienna
  • Dagar Sumit - National Institute of Design, India
  • Egger Stefan & Maria Grundner - IIID Information Design Research
  • Egger Veronika - IsDesign GmbH
  • Eriksson Yvonne - Professor for Information Design, School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, Malardalen University
  • Frank Diana - Office for concept and design
  • Frisch Gabriele - Magazine sichtweisen - Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs, Editor in Chief
  • Peter Sabine - Egger and Lerch Vienna
  • Hampl Stefan - Sigmund Freud University Vienna Paris (SFU), Institute of Cultural Psychology and Qualitative Social Research (ikus)
  • Hagino Hitomi - i Design/Chief Designer
  • Kiers Martijn - FH Joanneum Graz
  • Marano Daniele - Hilfsgemeinschaft / The Relief Organization for Austria's Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Akdogan Cora - Information Designer Austria
  • Hölzl Katharina - Information Designer Austria/Germany
  • Mayer Ullrike - Öbb - Austrian Railways
  • Siebenhandl Karin - Danube University Krems
  • McCue Thomas - Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design / Designer
  • Meyer Fabienne - Hochschule der Künste Bern
  • Neuschmid Julia - CEIT ALANOVA gemeinnützige GmbH, Institute of Urbanism, Transport, Environment and Information Society, Junior Researcher
  • Wasserburger Wolfgang - CEIT ALANOVA gemeinnützige GmbH, Institute of Urbanism, Transport, Environment and Information Society, Senior Researcher
  • Novachi Bojic Boris - University for Applied Arts
  • Nowak Wolfgang - Behindertenvertrauensperson, University of Vienna, Chairman of the Works Council of the Disabled
  • Reichinger Andreas - Zentrum für Virtual Reality and Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH
  • Sadamura Toshimitsu - Japan Sign Design Association
  • Trivedi Kirti - Industrial Design Centre, IIT, Bombay, Professor
  • Valente Danyelle - CRICC - Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Professor - researcher
  • Wieckowska Marta - Academy of Fine Arts, Institute for Visual Research and Interaction
  • Yasuo Yokota - President of the Japan Sign Design Association/JSDA, Graphic designer, executive director of GK Graphics incorporated

Event organisers

Along with IIID (the International Institute for Information Design), Space-x is organised in cooperation with the Austrian Relief Organisation for Visually Impaired, the Japan Sign Design Association (JSDA) and the Japanese Society for the Science of Design (JSSD).

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Lucie Jagu
Vienna, Austria
T: +43 6991 5269192
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