Utilità Manifesta / Design for Social

18 June 2010
30 October 2010
Terni, Italy
From an original idea of Francesco Maria Giuli, graphic designer from Molly&Partners, Terni/Umbria/Italy, in 2004 the project Utilità Manifesta/Design for Socially Useful Communication was launched. In accordance with ethics and Universal Rights, Utilità Manifesta plans actions of social design focusing on important topics of daily life: responsibility and solidarity, autonomy, children's rights, immigration, human rights, the planet and the environment.


Less Waste More Rights
Design Contest
Envision Sustainable Wealth for the planet and make the change.

Design contest brief

In compliance with the European Directives for 2010, year of the battle against poverty and social marginalisation, the contest is aimed at giving visibility, promoting messages, as well as graphic design and industrial design projects compatible with the claim 'Less Waste More Rights'.

Who can take part

Graphic designers, industrial designers, final-year students and graduates attending graphic design and industrial design courses without national limits.


Graphic design

Battle against poverty and social marginalisation.
Design a 35 cm x 50 cm poster.
Think about:
  • Sustainable rules and models of consumption at work
  • Behaviours supporting poverty
  • Behaviours supporting the socially marginalised
  • What reutilising and recycling mean

Industrial design

Think about an object perceived as culturally-sensitive to the concept Less Waste More Rights and plan it now!

You can take part with:
  • Projects aimed at improving existing goods in terms of environment sustainability, functionality, disposal and recycling of materials;
  • Projects aimed at creating new objects to be realised with waste and recycled material.
You can take part with:
  • Projects of urban restyling with attention to the homeless;
  • You can use material such as: wood, glass, plastic, cardboard and aluminium.

International Jury members

A National Jury will conduct the preliminary selection and an International Jury of graphic designers, industrial designers and communication professionals will make the final selection. The International Jury consists of:
  • Donald Beekman - Graphic designer (Netherlands)
  • Maxime Lemoyne - Graphic designer (France)
  • Rico Lins - Graphic designer (Brazil)
  • Saki Mafundikwa - Graphic designer (Zimbabwe)
  • Armando Milani - Graphic designer (Italy)
  • Lucille Tenazas - Graphic designer (USA)
  • Michelle Brand - Industrial designer (United Kingdom)
  • Giovanni Delvecchio - Industrial designer (Italy)
  • David Graas - Industrial designer (Germany)
  • Isao Hosoe - Industrial designer (Japan)
  • Andrea Magnani - Industrial designer (Italy)
  • Ursula Tischner - Industrial designer (Germany)

Selection and awards

Ten finalists for each category will be published in the Contest catalogue 2010 and the prize winner will be announced on the event website in November 2010.

Deadline for submission - now closed

The entries can be uploaded on the contest website from 18 June 2010. The entries close on 30 October 2010, 24:00 (GMT).

For more information, please contact:

Utilità Manifesta / design for social
Associazione di Promozione Sociale
Terni, Italy
W: www.utilitamanifesta.it

About Utilità Manifesta

Utilità Manifesta use graphic design as an awareness raising path addressing public opinion (schools, universities, institutions and groups) and values to be promoted and preserved tending towards social development communication wherever there may be suppression and denial of rights. Moreover, social design workshops are provided in collaboration with entities and institutions, along with seminars held in schools and universities while publicly useful campaigns are planned within the national territory. Utilita Manifestà develops projects and communication campaigns for non-profit and NGOs.
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