Icograda Design Education Manifesto 10-year Anniversary

01 November 2010
04 November 2010
Jinan, China
In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the Icograda Design Education Manifesto, Shandong University of Art and Design will host a four-day event in Jinan, China. The event will include workshops, exhibitions and a two-day conference and will explore the theme "Future of Design Education" from both the perspective of educators and industry leaders.


About the theme

With the increasing global cooperation, it is of great importance for colleges and universities of art and design to work out their development strategies and identify their advantages and characteristics based upon the local culture and economy. Since the reform and opening up policy, China has made remarkable achievements in the field of economy, but the domestic design industry and design education is far from being satisfactory. The economic rise certainly requires the growth of design industry, which, however, depends on the quality of design education.


Pre-conference workshops - "Cultural Communication and Design Sharing"

26 October - 1 November

Choose from seven workshops investigating the role of design in cultural communication:
  1. Visual Communication
  2. Industrial Design
  3. Modern Handicraft
  4. Fashion Design
  5. Design Management
  6. Digital Art and Communication
  7. Make-up Art

Conference - "Future of Design Education"

2 November

Keynote speakers from East and West will offer their reflections on how current curriculum is preparing student designers for the job market. Parallel sessions on Design Education and Design Industry Seminar will highlight the different perspectives of educators and business.

Icograda Design Education Manifesto Workshop

3 November

Co-chairs Ahn Sang-Soo and Audrey G. Bennett, Associate Professor of Graphics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York (United States), will engage event participants in a workshop to collaborate in updating the Icograda Design Education Manifesto.

The final update for the Icograda Design Education Manifesto 2010 will be printed and distributed at the Icograda General Assembly that will take place in Taipei in October 2011.


4 November

Delegates will have a chance to visit Qufu (Confucius' hometown) and attend the Anniversary farewell party.


Bank transfer
before 15 October 2010
On-site Payment
Professional EUR €200 EUR €220
EUR €170 EUR €190
EUR €55 EUR €65

To learn more about the event and to register visit: www.sdada.edu.cn/jinan2010

About the Icograda Design Education Manifesto

The Icograda Design Education Manifesto, a key legacy of Oullim, is a core document that defines Icograda's position on design education. The manifesto advocates that design education must be a learning-centred environment, enabling students to develop their potential in and beyond academic programs.

The Icograda Design Education Manifesto was developed in 2000 as collaboration by an international group of designers. Participants represented a geographically, politically, economically, culturally, and socially diverse cross section of the design education community, including individuals from Brazil, China, Germany, India, South Korea, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States.

Prof. Ahn Sang-Soo convened two workshops in March and June 2000. The first explored the shift in the definition of design, while the second developed the language of the Manifesto. The document was translated into ten languages and presented at the 2000 Icograda Oullim Congress in Seoul. 

A 2002 article Between Word and Deed: The Icograda Design Education Manifesto, Seoul 2000 by Sharon Helmer Poggenpohl and Ahn Sang-Soo outlines the process of developing the Manifesto.

Download the original Icograda Design Education Manifesto (PDF).

For more information, please contact:

Diala Lada
Projects Manager
Icograda Secretariat

Alice Guo
Coordinator, International Affairs Office, SUAD
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