Design Korea 2010

07 December 2010
12 December 2010
Seongnam-si, South Korea
Organised by the Korean Institute of Design Promotion, Design Korea is an annual international design business event that was first launched in 2003. It aims to introduce the latest design trends and information in design business. It also aims to provide participants with opportunities to expand their design business.

Design Korea will serve as an opportunity for participants and the audience to encounter a new philosophy of design, to expand networks in the creative industry and to exchange information with people from around the globe.

Design Korea consists of the World Best Design Exchange exhibition, International Conference, B2B Workshops and other concurrent events.


Design, Engine of Green Growth


  • To promote Korea as a leading design country and to enhance the competency of Korea's design industry
  • To share up-to-date design trends by displaying good design products of the member countries of the Group of Twenty
  • To establish a nation-wide design boom and to promote a design culture by inviting people from all levels to take part in Design Korea
  • To activate business and commercial exchanges among participating design studios and corporations


7-12 December 2010
Linking up with the G20 Seoul Summit, DESIGN KOREA 2010, under the theme of 'Convergence through Design,' will simulate the convergence of various values and present strategies for a new vision and growth of the design industry with the participating countries, companies and professionalists.

International Conference

10 December 2010
Under the theme of 'Good to Great: Design and Brand Power,' the Design Korea 2010 International Conference will emphasise the relationship between and the value of design and brand. It will also offer an opportunity to witness the latest design trends and successful case studies and a venue to discuss the social role and future direction of design for the innovation and development of national and corporate brands.

Good Design Selection

Product manufacturers, designers and retailers are eligible to submit to the GD Selection.


Students are not eligible to apply for the Good Design (GD) Selection.

International jury

The jury members of the Good Design (GD) Selection will include professional designers from Korea and abroad. Once the judging process has been determined, invitations to the potential jury members will be sent out. Last year, the jury members included the Head of the Australian International Design Award, red dot and iF as well as other renowned professionals.

Pre-selection committee

The members of the pre-selection committee for the Good Design (GD) Selection are composed of professional designers of the different categories of the GD Selection. They are recommended by partner organizations and associations for nomination. The recommended candidates are usually composed of designers of corporations, CEOs of design consultancies, or professors of design institutes. This year's committee is yet to be decided.


1st Prize
President's Award: Certificate, Trophy, KRW 2 000 000 paid in cash at the Ceremony

2nd Prize
Prime Minister's Award: Certificate, Trophy, KRW 1 000 000 paid in cash at the Ceremony

3rd Prize
Minister of Knowledge Economy Award: Certificate, Trophy

There are many more certificates and trophies awarded. If it is found that the submissions do not meet the required standards, the prizes are subject to cancellation.

Announcement of winner

The results of the Final Rating for the Good Design (GD) Selection will be announced on 8 December 2010 through major newspapers in Korea.

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