2010 Taiwan International Design Competition - final selection

28 October 2010
Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)
The Taiwan International Design Competition (TIDC) enters its 9th consecutive year having cultivated extensive international recognition. What distinguishes TIDC from other international design competitions is its orientation as a conceptual design competition. In addition to encourage more imaginative and innovative creations, it also hopes to use current trends to inspire designers to have more profound philosophical and humanistic reflections. This will allow designers to not just be confined to an 'object' itself, but to incorporate a return to the subtleties of life into design.

Call for entries

For the 2010 event, 2010 Taiwan International Design Competition invites competition entries under the theme "Beneficence".


There is no differentiation between people and no national boundaries. The most beautiful and eternal value in this world is the beneficence found in every one of us. Design innovation should appeal to the righteousness in every global citizen, and this collective beneficence manifests itself in the power of design.


Designers; teachers or students of design related departments or schools; people interested in design. (With no restrictions on nationality and age.)

Participants can join the competition as individuals or in teams. There is no limit on the number of entries.


All participating works shall be the original design of the applicants and have not previously won prizes in design competitions as at the date of registration.


1 Gold winner: NT$500,000 (approx. US$15,000) a trophy, and a certificate
1 Silver winner: NT$200,000 (approx. US$6,000) a trophy, and a certificate
1 Bronze winner: NT$100,000 (approx. US$3,000) a trophy, and a certificate
Honourable Mentions: NT$10,000 (approx. US$300) and a certificate

Announcement of winners

The winners will be announced on the dedicated website and in the international media to provide Taiwanese suppliers with design cooperation inquiries.

Awards and Exhibition

The 2010 Taiwan Design Expo will take place from 11-19 December 2010.

For more details, visit: tidc.boco.com.tw

About the organiser

The 2010 Taiwan International Design Competition is organised by the Taiwan Design Center, established by the government in 2003 to promote the development of the cultural and creative industry. It became officially operational in 2004.

Taiwan Design Center has been positioned as an integrated platform to promote creative design. Its main mission is to upgrade original creativity of Taiwanese designers, promote international design exchanges, improve the market competitiveness of Taiwanese industries, help enterprises build up their own brand, raise value-added of the said industries and tell the world that the era of "Designed in Taiwan" has come.

For more information, please contact:

2010 Taiwan International Design Competition Secretariat
Taiwan Design Center
3F, Bldg.G, 3-1 Park Street, Nangang
Taipei 115
Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)
T: +886 2 2705 2112 ext.11
F: +886 2 2755 7334
W: tidc.boco.com.tw
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