Call for entries: Good50x70 /// 2010

12 April 2010
22 June 2010
Good50x70 is an annual contest that asks that you design posters confronting seven of the critical issues affecting today's world. 2010 is its fourth edition.

Seven charities each provide a brief on a global issue. The best 30 responses to each brief (as selected by our jury) are collected in a catalogue and exhibited around the world.

The point of entering is to produce something that might make a difference in the world. There is no 'winner', unless you count the charities and their message.

Call for entries - now closed

The contest is officially closed. Thank you to all the participants and those who supported this initiative during these months. Poster selection will start very soon so please stay tuned for upcoming news at:


Anyone who wishes can enter one or more posters on any topic that inspires them. The contest is open to everyone except members of the Good50x70 board and their families, who are prohibited from entering the contest. Any individuals connected to the jurors by any form of relationship are also unable to enter the contest.

Submission criteria

For a complete set of submission criteria, visit the official website or download the call for entries (PDF - 508KB)

The seven briefs

Below are summaries of the seven briefs. Visit the official website for complete details.

Africa (Endorsed by AMREF)
Play for Africa.

Football can do a lot for Africa. A football match can reconcile ethnic groups, save young people from drug use and bring joy to suffering communities. Play and sport are an exceptional instrument through which younger generations may meet, socialise and evolve.

HIV and discrimination (Endorsed by LILA)
Freedom to travel

The ban on entry and permanence for foreign nationals with HIV is a violation of human rights. Governments must review their discriminatory laws with regards to HIV positive people whether these are residents or foreigners.
Legality (Endorsed by "LIBERA, Associations, names and numbers against mafias")
Take action against mafias

Mafias do favors and launder money. They practice extortion, and engage in the illegal traffic of weapons, drugs, counterfeit products, toxic waste and human beings. It is necessary to "be against" all mafias, but in order to beat them it is more important to "to be for" the creation of paths and spaces for freedom, memory and legality. It is a call each and every one of us should heed.

Mediterranean whale reserve (Endorsed by GREENPEACE)

Whale shortage: a sanctuary empties by the day
Where are the whales of the Sanctuary of the Cetaceans? The fin whale, the second largest animal of the world in size, lives in the Mediterranean Sea. Today there is a progressive decrease in population of these cetaceans. In order to protect the sea and its ecosystem there is no other alternative but to build a network of marine reserves and of large areas to be preserved rigorously.

Migrants healthcare (Endorsed by EMERGENCY)
The uncertainty of the cure

The right of the Migrants to healthcare, independently of their legal status, is a question that concerns the human rights of each individual. In order to prevent the inequality that migrants face when it comes to accessing appropriate care, Emergency has opened an Outpatient clinic in Italy to guarantee free health assistance to migrants (with or without permits) and to residents in need.

For a path out of poverty, take the human rights route.

All over the world, people in poverty are demanding dignity. They want an end to the injustice and exclusion that keeps them trapped in deprivation. They want to have control over the decisions that affect their lives. They want their rights to be respected and their voices to count.

Tiger extinction (Endorsed by WWF)
Year of the Tiger
2010 is the year of the tiger in Chinese calendar; what better opportunity to raise attention to wild tiger populations decline? Given the chance – enough space, prey and protection – tigers, one of the greatest icons of conservation, can recover.

Jury members

Kate Andrews (United Kingdom)
Jonathan Barnbrook (United Kingdom)
David Berman (Canada)
Chaz Maviyane Davies (Zimbabwe)
Paddy Harrington (Canada)
yossi Lemel (Israel)
Alain leQuernec (France)
Angela Morelli (Italy)
Lars Mueller (Norway)
Woody Pirtle (United States)
Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy)
Massimo Vignelli (United States)

Independent moderators has been appointed as an overall moderator between the organisers, the jury and the entrants. thus receives all submissions, opens submissions after the competition deadline, keeps a register of all submissions and makes the submissions available online for the jury's voting process.

Online submission

The contest is open for entries from 12 April 2010. The entries can be uploaded on the contest website from 12 May 2010. The entries close on midnight 22 June 2010 (GMT time) - an extended deadline.

To enter the contest as easy as possible from all over the world, we host the competition completely on our website. All you have to do to participate is to upload your poster following the instructions on the "SUBMIT POSTER" page. That's it.


Any valid entry from an eligible participant will be submitted to the jury for selection. A valid entry is one that matches all the technical and content requirements and has been submitted via the Good50x70 website. Submitted posters must be relevant to the brief to be considered for evaluation. Posters not matching this criteria might be excluded from the competition, at the discretion of the jury.

No monetary prizes

The contest is free to enter and aims to improve social communication, thus it is endorsed by charities and NGOs rather than profitable businesses. The contest itself is not profitable, for this reason there are no monetary prizes for the entrants.

Shortlisted entries

The jury will select 30 posters for each category as finalists from each of the 7 categories, creating a total of 210 shortlisted artworks. All the selected posters are deemed equally good. Each one is published in the contest catalogue and exhibited at the same level of importance.

Exhibition and catalogue

An exhibition with all the posters selected as finalists will be held no longer than 90 days after the contest has closed. Details about the exhibition location and dates will be announced through the contest website as soon as a definitive arrangement has been made.

A catalogue containing the posters selected as finalists will be published and distributed free of charge to the finalists and the jury members. The finalists will have to cover the postage costs at their own expense.


Good50x70 is an independent, non-profit initiative by Associazione Culturale Good Design. Our aim is to promote the value of social communication, provide charities with a free database of communication tools and create positive environmental and social impact.

Associazione Culturale Good Design is a non profit organisation. Founded in 2007 by Pasquale Volpe in collaboration with Gabriella Morelli, the association follows cultural and educational purposes and it specifically aims at promulgating and supporting design applied to social issues. Good Design promotes and organises cultural activities such as exhibitions, contests, lectures, workshops and publications. Most of the association activities are committed to social matters and youth. Good Design is a reality which is in continuous becoming; it celebrates the importance of the social role of communication. It represents the opportunity of being able to share knowledge, stimulate information research, and the chance to build cultural riches and exchanges.

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