European Design Awards ceremony

30 May 2010
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
The European Design Awards is the comprehensive annual awards organisation acknowledging the best of graphic design, illustration and multimedia design in Europe.

It is based on a collaboration of 14 prestigious communication design magazines in Europe who have taken upon them to support and promote the event.

All winners and finalists are published on the annual ED-Awards catalogue.

Call for entries

7 January - 15 February 2010


All designers living or working within Europe may participate. Designers in Europe may submit work done for clients outside Europe. Excluded from competition:
  • Designers without a business or home address in Europe.
  • Jury members and their family members.
  • Employees of the magazines represented in the jury.
  • Organisers and their family members.

Submitting work

There are 32 categories.

Special prizes

Jury's Prize: This is the piece of work that, according to the jury, promotes design best, within the wider public. All work submitted is automatically eligible for the Jury's Prize, regardless of whether it is successful in any of the main categories.

Agency of the Year: Each agency collects points. A gold award is worth three times the number of submissions while a silver award is worth one times the number of submissions in that category. The agency with the most points is awarded Agency of the Year. Any participating person or studio is eligible for this prize.

Best of show: This award recognizes the most exceptional piece of design in Europe during the previous year. The selection is made among all the categories gold award winners. All gold winners are eligible except the ones from self-initiated projects, school projects and self-promotional categories.

The jury

The 2010 jury is composed of 14 members representing the European communication design magazines collaborating in the presentation of the award scheme.

Representatives of these magazines compose the jury. They are: 2+3D (PL), Design Austria (AT), Design Week (UK), +design (GR), Elephant (Int), étapes: (FR), Grafik Tasarim (TR), idpure (CH), KAK (RU), Novum (DE), Progetto Grafico (IT), TYPO (CZ), Visual (ES), BNO Vormberichten (NL).

Selection of the jury members

The jury will consist of representatives from leading communication design magazines in Europe. Each magazine will appoint one jury member who is qualified to serve the specific task.

International diversity

The jury must consist of members from as many different European countries as possible. No one country shall have a majority representation in the jury.

Jury process

The jury will judge all cleared submissions that have arrived and been paid in time. If the jury finds that a submission should have been entered in a different category, it will be moved there. No submission is disqualified for having been submitted under the wrong category. It is simply moved to the correct one, by decision of the jury. This is also the case if categories are combined.

Announcement of winners

The winners will be officially announced during the ED-Awards ceremony 30 May 2010 in Rotterdam. All winners will be notified no later than 30 April.

ED-Awards ceremony

Gold and silver award winners will be invited to receive a trophy and/or a diploma on stage during the ED-Awards ceremony 30 May 2010 in Rotterdam.


If you are among the winners, your work will be featured in the ED-Awards catalogue 2010. Winners will receive one free copy excl. shipping fee.

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