Brno Biennial 2010

22 June 2010
24 October 2010
Brno, Czech Republic
The Brno Biennial was established in 1963, and is one of the oldest exhibitions of graphic design in the world. The main organizers are the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Moravian Gallery in Brno, in the buildings of which the Biennale takes place.

It regularly alternates between two subjects. The 24th year is dedicated to corporate, informational and advertising graphics and posters while the 2012 Biennial will focus on graphic design and type in books, magazines, newspapers and the digital media.

Apart from the main competition show, the Brno Biennial features a specialist symposium and a number of accompanying events, thanks to which Brno becomes a major centre of contemporary graphic design for four months.

The 2010 exhibitions include:
  • Surrealism and Graphic Design by Rick Poynor
  • R 2: Artur Rebelo – Lizá Ramalho (Portugal) - The 22nd Brno Biennial 2006 Laureates
  • Personalities in Czech Graphic Design
  • The BigMag – Alternative magazines in the Czech Republic after 1989
  • International Jury Members’  Show

The 2010 jury includes:
  • Petr Babák (Czech Republic)
  • Karel Martens (The Netherlands)
  • Lizá Ramalho (Portugal)
  • Sato Koichi (Japan)
  • Paula Scher (USA)
  • Igor Stanisljevic (Croatia)
  • John Walters (United Kingdom)
  • Alan Záruba (Czech Republic)

Although many renowned artists participate, the Biennial is also open to young fledgling designers. The only priority is the quality of work. The volume of submissions is usually about 3000 works by several hundred designers, from virtually every continent. From these, items for exhibition are chosen by the selection committee. All of the accepted designs are displayed and the International Jury then awards the Grand Prix, prize for the best work in each category, as well as other prizes.

Each Biennale is supported by a colour catalogue in which all of the exhibiting artists have one page with their brief details and a reproduction of their best exhibit. Each Biennial presents the most interesting ideas produced during the previous four years.
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