Design Per. International Week of Graphic Design

06 October 2009
11 October 2009
Naples, Italy
From 6-11 October 2009, Naples will host the first edition of "Design Per. Settimana Internazionale della Grafica" (Design For. International Week of Graphic Design). The event, unique in Italy, is organised by Icograda Professional Member, Aiap (Italian Association for Visual Communication Design).

Graphic design its everywhere in our daily life, from signage to advertising, through publishing, television, Internet, but it is more and more intangible. Design Per wants to make graphic design's role evident, by involving people in a series of discussions, talks, seminars.

Where is Design Per

Naples has accepted the challenge to host this event, and the Neapolitan colleagues have demonstrated sensitivity and interest in the subject. Pan, the Palace of the Arts, will be the heart of the event, which will also take place at the Madre Museum of contemporary arts, at the Second University of Naples (SUN), and others. The event will spread throughout the city to make more explicit to the whole project of visual communication.

Why Design Per

Despite the constant presence of visual communication in all activities of our lives, graphic design is rarely recognised as a value or an integrated system in our society. Its role as a tool in the delivery of content makes it more different, impalpable, transparent, impregnable, but no less important. The need for communication and tools for its project, are today within reach of everyone, lapping territories hybrids, blurred, where the disciplines are intertwined and compare. How is changing, then, the role of the designer? Which his training and his clients?

It is from these considerations that Aiap decided to devote an entire week to the design of visual communication in order attempt to answer the growing demand for visual culture and to engage different professionals, businesses, students, public administrators, publishers, teachers and researchers.


The following four ideas will be articulated through Design Per. Each topic or issue will be followed through in four workshops, connected to four round tables and seven exhibitions.
  1. Design for books with Henrik Kubler
  2. Design for environment with Maxime Lemoyne and Guillame Bullat (Voiture 14)
  3. Design for enterprise with the i-Profit laboratoire
  4. Design for new languages with René van Engelenburg and Gijs ten Cate (Dropstuff)


Design Per will be held over 6 days from 6-11 October 2009. It will investigate fields and practices of graphic design with conferences, round tables, exhibitions, workshops, open studios, typographic walks, projections. There will be also discussions on the profession and the relations with clients, on design for public institutions, on the role of medias in emergency situations as it was for the recent Abruzzo earthquake. All round tables and discussions will host designers and representatives of institutions and universities to animate confrontations and reflexions and involve professionals, students and normal people. International conference will host designers, academics and anthropologists.

Design Per will host more then 50 speakers – designers, professors, authors – who will show us some of the several possibilities graphic design takes life today.

The complete programme, which is subject to change, can be found on the official Design Per website.


Note that all Design Per events, except for the workshops, are free to enter.


"Design For. International Week of Graphic Design" is a project of AIAP – Associazione Italiana Progettazione per la Comunicazione Visiva (Italian Association of Graphic Designers).

In collaboration with Comune di Napoli, Pan, Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli (SUN), Museo Madre.

Endorsed by Regione Campania, Facoltà di Architettura - SUN, Dipartimento Ideas - Sun, Dottorato di Ricerca in Design Industriale ed Urbano - Sun.

For more information, please contact:

AIAP - Associazione Italiana Progettazione per la Comunicazione Visiva
via Amilcare Ponchielli 3
20129 Italy
T: +39 (0)2 29520590
F: +39 (0)2 29512495
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