Straight to Business: Icograda Design Week in Madrid

21 June 2010
25 June 2010
Looking at how good communication design can result in a company's improved brand image, more efficient use of resources and positive economic results.
Straight to Business: Icograda Design Week in Madrid will showcase the best examples of how communication design, effectively managed and integrated into a company’s strategy can result in an improved brand image, more efficient use of resources and positive economic results.

Straight to Business 2010
will be a meeting point for designers, government officials and company executives. The programme will cover advances, case studies and actual experiences about strategy and design, communication, brand and image management.

Straight to Business 2010
will be the opportunity to learn from international case studies fostering  partnerships between design and business, and an exceptional networking opportunity for international companies and design professionals from Spain and across Europe.

Straight to Business 2010
will take place from 21-25 June, as a part of the programming for the Spanish Presidency of the European Union.

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About the event

International Conference
A 2-day event maximising the opportunity for interaction between presenters and delegates. An invited list of international experts will lead the presentations and discussions.   

Icograda Stakeholders Meeting
Icograda Members and invited stakeholders will exchange information on the state of design policy and promotion.

Design exhibition
An exhibition of the Spanish communication design, supported by Icograda’s European members and BEDA (Bureau of European Design Association).

About Madrid

Located in the heart of the Spanish peninsula, Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, a business center, headquarters for the Public Administration, Government, Spanish Parliament and the home of the Spanish Royal Family. Madrid also plays a major role in both the banking and industrial sectors. Madrid is characterised by intense cultural and artistic activity and a very lively nightlife.

Image of the CaixaForum courtesy of ddi

The Spanish design sector

The recent expansion of Spanish banks and the launch of new tele- communications companies has created a demand for designers specialising in brand identity, and an increasing number of businesses have begun to develop their own internal design teams. With hundreds of designers working to meet the needs of the world’s largest Spanish language publishing industry, Spain is considered one of Europe's major design hubs.
Today, 1,100 Madrid-based companies within the design sector employ a total
of 5,000 people, 2,500 of whom are designers, and generate sales of around €700m. 65% of those companies have an average annual turnover of less than €300,000, while 10.5% turn over more than €900,000 per year. Average annual sales figures per company are €635,000, or €140,000 per employee per year.
The most significant client base for design services is the private sector, which generates 55.5% of sales; individuals make up 28.7% of the total. Public bodies represent 6.9% of the sector's overall sales, and they tend to use the larger design companies.

About ddi

The Spanish Public Corporation for the Development of Design and Innovation (ddi) is described as "the Spanish state agency for the development of design and innovation. Founded in 1991, ddi is a state-financed design organisation established to promote awareness of design, and the role that design can play in boosting competitiveness in business. 
ddi's mission is to implement public policies, promote and disseminate design and innovation. ddi is committed to a global advanced concept of innovation, linked with strategic thinking and a new business culture."

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