09 October 2009
29 October 2009
Seoul, South Korea

The Seoul Design Olympiad 2009 (SDO09) is a world design festival, organised by the city of Seoul to enhance and promote Seoul as a world design center.

Now in its second year, leading up to Seoul's 2010 designation as the World Design Capital,  this year's overarching theme is 'i-design'. It is Seoul's declaration of the city's strong will to promote active citizen participation in the SDO09.

Seoul Design Conference

9-11 October 2009
Gymnasium, Jamsil Sports Complex

An international forum for design and exchange providing a venue where designers, educators, entrepreneurs and related associations from around the world can come together to discuss the present and future of design.

Under the theme 'Interflow and Consilience', the conference is dedicated to the discovery of new alternatives for future design through tearing down boundaries between different disciplines and seeking integration between design and other areas.For example:

  • Design as a means to overcome the depression
  • The future of city and design
  • Green design and design education

The event will include a special speech by Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government, Keynote speech, Session speech, Roundtable discussion, etc.

Seoul Design Competition

Deadline for entries: 15 July 2009

The Seoul Design Foundation is now calling for entries for the Seoul Design Competition on the theme 'Interflow and Consilience.' You will find brief details and examples of the theme as follows. Your active participation will be welcomed.

The competition theme 'Interflow and consilience' is about merging different elements, breaking barriers, flowing into each other, and evolving into a union. The old paradigm of dividing and drawing boundaries alone shall not bring us a sustainable future. That is why the Seoul Design Competition takes on the theme 'Interflow and Consilience,' and sets no limitations on the categories.

When it comes to design, 'Interflow and Consilience' means a kind of methodology to imagine and create new possibilities of life. The word 'methodology' refers to literally a set of methods and principles used to effectively perform a particular activity. The Seoul Design Competition is expecting to meet creative design imaginations that take shape of the key values for the future, such as sustainability and eco-friendliness. The key words - low carbon, eco-friendliness, natural energy - are suggested with this idea in mind. Your original ideas to make a sustainable future are welcomed.

Examples of the theme

Interflow: To flow into each other, ex. High & Low, Slow & Fast, East & West, Past and Present

Consilience:  The unity of knowledge, ex. Oriental and Western Medicine, Columbus & Bill Gates, Leonardo da Vinci & Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Fusion: The merging of different elements into a union -> ex. Food & Technology, Food & Clothes

Winners of the Seoul Design Competition will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on 29 October, during the Seoul Design Olympiad Closing Ceremonies.

Download the call for entries (PDF - 53KB)

Seoul Design Exhibition

9-29 October 2009
Jamsil Olympic Stadium and vicinities, Seoul downtown

This collection of numerous design exhibitions will provide a forecast of global design prospects, a presentation of design status quo and future possibilities, and a projection of the vision of Design Seoul.

Seoul Design Festival

9-29 October 2009
Jamsil Olympic Stadium and vicinities, Seoul downtown

Including the Seoul Design Olympiad Opening and Closing ceremonies, numerous events have been planned for the Seoul Design Festival. 


For more information, please contact:

Seoul Design Foundation, Seoul Metropolitan Government
9th floor MIES bldg, 21-1 Seosomundong junggu
100-813 South Korea
T: +82 2 3705 0014
F: +82 2 3705 0085
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