IDMN International Design Media Network

The International Design Media Network (IDMN) brings the world's design media together into a single online community. The network consists of IDMN participants and bona fide design publications and media.

This branch of the ico-D network is dedicated to establishing and promoting standards and ethics in design journalism. It is also a forum for sharing ideas and information, and is becoming a meaningful resource for the most forward-thinking practices in design.

  • Criteria

    For inclusion in the IDMN, your design publication/media form must be bona fide and adhere to IDMN Code of Ethics.

    IDMN participants must be bona fide:

    • Bona fide means an established design publication with a subscriber base and/or targeted audience that includes designers.
    • Bona fide media should be primarily editorial (not just advertising) and should be contributing to the dissemination of knowledge, the sharing of information, and the raising of standards for the benefit of design and designers.

    IDMN participants follow the IDMN Code of Ethics:

    • Conduct themselves ethically and with integrity.
    • Abide by ico-D's international Best Practices
    • Show respect for others in words and actions.
    • Act in the spirit of a global community and cooperation.
    • Respect the diversity of human beings, and their social, ethnic, and cultural differences.
    • Respect the natural environment.
    • Respect the intellectual property of others.
  • Benefits and Commitments

    Design media publishers worldwide can participate in the IDMN on a voluntary, no-fee, advertising and content exchange basis by agreeing to abide by the IDMN Criteria.
    The benefits and commitments of joining the IDMN include:
    • peer connections, allowing publishers to share dialogue and resources with other publishers
    • a framework to help publishers define standards and practices across design media
    • sharing exclusive content to be featured on the ico-D website
    • an editable online ico-D IDMN Profile with images and full contact information
    • first option to act as Media Partners for specific ico-D events