Samantha Fitzgerald | Administrator

Sam Fitzgerald
Administrator | Montreal, Canada
Phone: +1 514 875 7545

As Administrator, Ms. Fitzgerald carries out all administration duties, and fields all inquiries related to Member invoicing and payment, maintains up-to-date invoicing procedures, monthly membership reports, and ensures that membership participation at ico-D remains active at all times.

Born in England, Ms. Fitzgerald has worked for various organisations in the UK, including the BBC, British Petroleum Oil (BPO) and several financial houses in roles in Management and Administration, where she developed a strong reputation as a capable problem-solver.

Ms. Fitzgerald has been in Canada for 7 years and in addition to her new position at ico-D, Sam volunteers at her daughter's French school and supports her husband's creative endeavours. She will be replacing Ana Garcia as of 08 Janaury 2018, and for the next year.