Alexey Lazarev | Visual Communications Officer

Alexey Lazarev
Visual Communications Officer | Montreal, Canada
Phone: +1 514 875 7545

As ico-D’s Visual Communications Officer, Alexey’s strategic role is to develop and implement the Council's unique visual language across multiple programmes, initiatives and communications channels.
Alexey is a graphic designer and a visual artist. Born in Russia, he holds a BA and MA in Public Administration from St.-Petersburg State University as well as a BFA degree with distinction from Concordia University (Montreal) in addition to a Diploma of Higher Education in graphic design and illustration from the University of Hertfordshire (UK).
Alexey has extensive experience working with commercial and non-for-profit international organisations with headquarters in Canada, France, Germany and Russia. Alexey has a strong expertise in graphic design, web design, typography, illustration, image-making and photography, as well as in online and email marketing, social media and digital communications.