Alexey Lazarev | Visual Communications Officer

Alexey Lazarev
Visual Communications Officer | Montreal, Canada
Phone: +1 514 875 7545

As ico-D’s Visual Communications Officer, Alexey’s strategic role is to develop and implement the Council's unique visual language across multiple programmes, intiatives and communications channels.

Born in Russia where he completed a Masters in Public Administration at St. Petersburg State University, Alexey began his studies in Visual Communications at the University of Hertfordshire and is presently finishing his degree at Concordia University, with a minor in Print Media.

Alexey has extensive experience working with commercial and non-for-profit international organisations with headquarters in Canada, France, Germany and Russia. Alexey has a strong expertise in graphic design, web design, typography, illustration, image-making and photography, as well as in online and email marketing, social media and digital communications.