Jonas Liugaila | Vice President | Lithuania
"I would start with the question what would a design organisation look like if you could design it from scratch, aimed at life in the middle of the 21st century? Yes. It probably would look different. As creative who works with development of brands, as participator of national design discourse and meaning-seeking member of organisation I’m able to feel matches and mismatches between needs of designers and delivers of organisations. I clearly understand that organisation is evolution based and will never be finished. And I see rethinking of the processes, products, brands as a must. As designers do. I’m designer."
Jonas Liugaila
Vice President | Lithuania

Has expected list of merits from previous experiences of art directing, lecturing, conducting workshops, delivering presentations and writing articles for the national and international audiences with increased focus to the critical thought against relevance of the role of design and mind the pragmatic side of discipline. Currently has a role of design strategist at the design agency CRITICAL, position of lecturer at Vilnius Academy of Arts, serving as a board member of Lithuanian graphic design association and what is most important, where the purpose of design could be found, has role of husband and father.