Zinnia Nizar | Vice President | Indonesia
"During my terms as VP, I have experienced first hand the power of connection and collaboration and as I stated on my previous intent, «it is a much stronger voice when it is one voice». During the term 2017–2019, World Design Summit happened, and learning from my board members, any effort in uniting our voices is not a quick effort. It takes time and energy. Being a board member requires that, and I’d like to contribute my time and energy once more to this great cause, for communicating the value of design, for uniting our voices, for connecting the world and for the love of my profession."

Zinnia Nizar
Vice President | Indonesia
E: znizar@ico-d.org

Zinnia studied graphic design at Art Institute of Seattle (1995) and School of Visual Arts (1998) in United States. She started her career in magazines and continues now to be one of the few designers that is sought out for editorial design in Indonesia. In 2009, she joined the Indonesia Graphic Designer Association and her love for their cause led her to became their president (2014–2017) and within her term, she helped establish the Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy whose on its way to becoming a ministry. She currently teach design at Apple Developer Academy, and was recently selected for Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2019.