Rebecca Blake | Treasurer | United States
"The changing circumstance designers and design associations face as a result of globalisation and new technologies pose both considerable challenges and exciting opportunities. My goal has been to position ico-D to meet those challenges, by developing new revenue streams and taking a fresh approach to fiscal responsibility. We have made progress in meeting these goals, but that work is ongoing. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve on a board of such august organisations, and with such a capable, committed Secretariat. With the support of the membership, I hope to serve for a second term as Treasurer."

Rebecca Blake
Treasurer | United States

Rebecca Blake is Design Director at Optimum Design & Consulting, a small design firm in New York City, where she develops both print and Web design projects.

She serves as Advocacy Liaison for the Graphic Artists Guild, where she monitors upcoming legislation on copyrights and issues relevant to graphic artists, and works with a coalition of associations on advocacy for visual artists. Previously, she served as the Guild’s New York Chapter President and Chapter Treasurer.

Since 2017, she has served as Treasurer of ico-D. Prior to that, she served on the Audit Committee and as National Design Policy Workgroup lead.