Daniela Piscitelli | Vice President | Italy
"We need to rethink the 'utopias of design' as an aagent capable of supporting new life strategies and social behaviors.

I would like to try to put the focus of the discourse not only on design, but on some key aspects of contemporaneity using a design-oriented approach, in order to reconsider: Borders, Extremes, Cooperation, Migrations, Horizons, Openness. I would like to contribute to a new definition of design as helps to imagine new ways of living, producing, and acting consciously."

Daniela Piscitelli
Vice President | Italy
E: dpiscitelli@ico-d.org

Daniela has accomplished much in little time: she was World Regional representative of IIID International Institute for Information design, from May 2016 to present; Vice-President POLI.design, from 2015 to 2017 May; President of Aiap-Italian council of visual communication design, from 2009 to 2015 as well as Associates professor. She was the Creator and scientific curator of "Design Per - International Graphic Design Week" from 2009 to 2015; Creator and scientific curator of "Aiap Women in design Award" from 2011 to present; and Jury member in international design competitions.

Daniela is an architect and graphic designer. Her worldwide research in design is focused into the relations and historical perspectives of design, in particular Asian, Chinese, and African design. Besides her design work, she lectures at international conferences and several universities and design schools.