Cihangir Istek | Vice President | Turkey
"Design is only relevant within interrelationships. Design—both as an end product and an action with impact—interconnects discourses, artifacts and people. While this view informs how I think and approach design, my work combines research, education, and practice."

In the next term, I would like to continue my service as Vice President and the activities I already started in the previous term across the three membership platforms of icon-D, particularly in the areas of:

- Developing Design Education, especially Designers' Lifelong Learning
- Promoting design strategies and components of Cities, especially Smart Cities
- Exploring the relevance of Design Profession and Education with both design and non-design related actors and practices"

Cihangir Istek
Vice President | Turkey

Cihangir Istek is Professor (Associate) of Design, Vice Head of the Communication Design and Management at Istanbul Bilgi University, where he currently leads undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Communication Design. Both as a practice-led design researcher, Istek has taken part in projects and as an author published on the subjects of Architecture and Design Components of Cities; Densities and User Experience in Built-Environments; Design Thinking and Doing. Along with his active role in design education and research, he has also held several design professional and consultancy roles. Since 2008, he has been an Associate and Design Representative in Istanbul of the Institute for Information Design Japan (Tokyo).