Tyra von Zweigbergk | Secretary General | Sweden
"In order to take design to its full potential in society, we need to create the best circumstances for designers to do their work. Despite the pervasiveness and importance of design, the position of the designer and the profession itself is often precarious. I believe demonstrating the value of design and good practice and ethics is critical. With my experience and knowledge from the Nordic countries I would like to continue ensuring designers are recognised, protected and supported."

Tyra von Zweigbergk
Secretary General | Sweden

Tyra von Zweigbergk is currently Acting President and head of the Rights and Conflicts Fund for the Swedish Association of Illustrators and Graphic Designers, where she has been on the board since 2010. Previously she was Treasurer of the European Illustrator's Forum. She is a practising designer with focus on illustration and her work has been recognised with awards, national grants and exhibitions. In addition to her organisational engagement she has long experience in lecturing Communication Design at Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design. Since 2015 von Zweigbergk has held the position of Secretary General on the board of ico-D.