David Grossman | Past President | Israel
"To change the way people look at design we need to talk more about ‘designing.' The potency of a designer is not what he or she has designed, but their design process."

David Grossman
Past President | Israel

David Grossman is an environmental graphic designer and partner of Daedalos Design Studio in Tel Aviv. Also a partner of Israel Design Works, he has been involved in the development of the Chinese design industry infrastructure. David is President of the Israel Community of Designers—Israel’s multidisciplinary professional design organization and is a founder of Vital,Tel Aviv Center for Design Studies (1987) and of the Graphic Design Department of Shenkar College in Israel (2000). He has played a key role as organizer, editor, lecturer and juror for  international design festivals, conferences and exhibitions, catalogs and annuals.

David served as ico-D’s Treasurer and President between 1995–2003.