ico-D Executive Board

  • ico-D Board 2017-2019
  • ico-D Board, IBM03 Turin (Italy), April 2016
  • ico-D Board & Secretariat members during Montreal design studios visits, January 2016
  • Members of ico-D Board of Directors 2015–2017 at 26 General Assembly in Gwangju (South Korea)
    Idzwan Junaidi


ico-D’s Executive Board consists of individuals and experts from various design fields who are duly nominated and elected by ico-D Member organisations at the biennial ico-D General Assembly.

Members of the Executive Board serve in a volunteer capacity, donating their time and expertise to further ico-D's mandate. Board meetings are typically held four times a year in different locations around the world, usually in conjunction with regional meetings, seminars, or other scheduled ico-D or Member events.

On 16 October 2017 at 27GA Montréal, candidates for the 2017-2019 Executive Board presented their vision to attendees—49 Members from 18 countries. ico-D Members voted in the following individuals:

  • Zachary Haris Ong | President | Malaysia

    “In recent years, we have witnessed design becoming a widely accepted valuable proposition. The next real evolution is enabling world governments to participate and profit from the power of design to further bettering quality of life for all.”

    Zachary Haris Ong
    President | Malaysia
    E: zong@ico-d.org

    Zachary Haris Ong is committed to the development of design impact on national GDP, and acts as an advisor to the Malaysian government for the development of its national design agenda. He was the catalyst in assembling all design associations under the Malaysia Design Council. For his work, he was nominated for the prestigious 7 Bintang Lifetime Achievement Award at the Kuala Lumpur Design Week, in recognition of individuals who are key contributors to the creative industry of Malaysia. He led the Rediscovery: Icograda Design Week in Sarawak in 2012, and is currently the President of wREGA. He was listed in Prestige magazine’s Top 40 Movers and Shakers of Malaysia Under 40. Currently, he is a principal designer at Zachary Haris Ong & Associates based in Kuala Lumpur.

  • David Grossman | Past President | Israel

    "To change the way people look at design we need to talk more about ‘designing.' The potency of a designer is not what he or she has designed, but their design process."

    David Grossman
    Past President | Israel

    David Grossman is an environmental graphic designer and partner of Daedalos Design Studio in Tel Aviv. Also a partner of Israel Design Works, he has been involved in the development of the Chinese design industry infrastructure. David is President of the Israel Community of Designers—Israel’s multidisciplinary professional design organization and is a founder of Vital,Tel Aviv Center for Design Studies (1987) and of the Graphic Design Department of Shenkar College in Israel (2000). He has played a key role as organizer, editor, lecturer and juror for  international design festivals, conferences and exhibitions, catalogs and annuals.

    David served as ico-D’s Treasurer and President between 1995–2003.

  • Johnathon Strebly | President Elect | Canada

    "My interest in serving the Executive Board of ico-D is to further my contributions to the design industry through advocacy and public awareness to the value of design. The goals surrounding the understanding of the power of design in our community does not stop at the local level, or at the national level. The core principles behind social impact and design value is an international conversation, and one I wish to continue facilitating. In addition, recognition and reconciliation of the fragmented histories of indigenous First Nations culture, language, and design requires a stronger voice to regain the value and influence they deserve. These are the current drivers behind my personal design advocacy work, and I look forward to bringing recent learnings and tools, to support the ico-D Executive Board’s current and future mandates."

    Johnathon Strebly
    President Elect | Canada
    E: jstrebly@ico-d.org

    As a design director, mentor, and creativity community advocate, Johnathon brings decades of
    experience and involvement in the applied arts. As Director of Creative Services for HCMA
    Architecture + Design, he both challenges and contributes to the contemporary fabric of design
    today, and tomorrow. Johnathon has directly engaged and influenced the design industry
    through curriculum design, advisory committees, and programming for design agencies and
    educational institutions. He founded brand strategy and communications agency The Notice
    Group and is the current president of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC), GDC
    National Ethics Chair, and past president of Canadian Association of Professional Image
    Creators (CAPIC) Vancouver. He is also a co-founder of CreativeMornings Vancouver.

  • Tyra von Zweigbergk | Secretary General | Sweden

    "In order to take design to its full potential in society, we need to create the best circumstances for designers to do their work. Despite the pervasiveness and importance of design, the position of the designer and the profession itself is often precarious. I believe demonstrating the value of design and good practice and ethics is critical. With my experience and knowledge from the Nordic countries I would like to continue ensuring designers are recognised, protected and supported."

    Tyra von Zweigbergk
    Secretary General | Sweden

    Tyra von Zweigbergk is currently Acting President and head of the Rights and Conflicts Fund for the Swedish Association of Illustrators and Graphic Designers, where she has been on the board since 2010. Previously she was Treasurer of the European Illustrator's Forum. She is a practising designer with focus on illustration and her work has been recognised with awards, national grants and exhibitions. In addition to her organisational engagement she has long experience in lecturing Communication Design at Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design. Since 2015 von Zweigbergk has held the position of Secretary General on the board of ico-D.

  • Rebecca Blake | Treasurer | United States

    "During my years on the Audit Committee, I’ve witnessed ico-D adhere to good governance: the organisation has implemented sensible financial oversight and has pursued achievable, pragmatic goals. However, to ensure a healthy future, the organisation must envision broader revenue streams, and the means to make stronger impact. This ties directly back to ico-D’s core mission: to lead creatively, by providing our members a unified voice for design. A sound ico-D provides a platform for associations to interact, and to act collectively. I intend to support that mission by pursuing creative options for maintaining financial health, while adhering to best practices."

    Rebecca Blake
    Treasurer | United States
    E: rblake@ico-d.org

    Rebecca Blake is Design Director at Optimum Design & Consulting, a small design firm in New York City, where she develops both print and Web design projects.

    She serves as Advocacy Liaison for the Graphic Artists Guild, where she monitors upcoming legislation on copyrights and issues relevant to graphic artists, and works with a coalition of associations on advocacy for visual artists. Previously, she served as the Guild’s New York Chapter President and Chapter Treasurer.

    Since 2013, she has served on the Audit Committee for ico-D. She also heads the National Design Policy workgroup for ico-D’s Professional Platform.


  • Cihangir Istek | Vice President | Turkey

    "Design is only relevant within interrelationships. Design—both as an end product and an action with impact—interconnects discourses, artifacts and people. While this view informs how I think and approach design, my work combines research, education, and practice." In the next term, I would like to continue my service as Vice President and the activities I already started in the previous term across the three membership platforms of icon-D, particularly in the areas of: - Developing Design Education, especially Designers' Lifelong Learning - Promoting design strategies and components of Cities, especially Smart Cities - Exploring the relevance of Design Profession and Education with both design and non-design related actors and practices"

    Cihangir Istek
    Vice President | Turkey

    Cihangir Istek is Professor (Associate) of Design, Vice Head of the Communication Design and Management at Istanbul Bilgi University, where he currently leads undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Communication Design. Both as a practice-led design researcher, Istek has taken part in projects and as an author published on the subjects of Architecture and Design Components of Cities; Densities and User Experience in Built-Environments; Design Thinking and Doing. Along with his active role in design education and research, he has also held several design professional and consultancy roles. Since 2008, he has been an Associate and Design Representative in Istanbul of the Institute for Information Design Japan (Tokyo).

  • Des Laubscher | Vice President | South Africa

    "The greatest potential for design in the world today is in Africa, a continent with 1, 2 billion people who need design to improve the quality of life for all. During my short term on the ico-D board I have been building a network of individual designers across the continent in collaboration with Cumulus and I hope to extend this growth in the next term of the ico-D board. I also have the potential to bring many more interior architecture professionals to the table. My international experience in this regard spans two and a half decades."
    Prof. Des Laubscher
    Vice President | Greenside, South Africa


    Des Laubscher is a Past President and Fellow of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers.(IFI) He wrote the federations position paper on Social Responsibility. He founded and is a Past President of the African Institute for the Interior Design Professions.(IID)

    Des conceived, organised and coordinated the Cumulus Education Conference for art, design and new media in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2014. The theme of the conference was ‘Design with the Other 90%’. 174 delegates attended including 104 from other countries.

    He has presented papers around the world on many design issues and is an acclaimed international speaker.


  • Daniela Piscitelli | Vice President | Italy

    "We need to rethink the 'utopias of design' as an aagent capable of supporting new life strategies and social behaviors. I would like to try to put the focus of the discourse not only on design, but on some key aspects of contemporaneity using a design-oriented approach, in order to reconsider: Borders, Extremes, Cooperation, Migrations, Horizons, Openness. I would like to contribute to a new definition of design as helps to imagine new ways of living, producing, and acting consciously."

    Daniela Piscitelli
    Vice President | Italy
    E: dpiscitelli@ico-d.org

    Daniela has accomplished much in little time: she was World Regional representative of IIID International Institute for Information design, from May 2016 to present; Vice-President POLI.design, from 2015 to 2017 May; President of Aiap-Italian council of visual communication design, from 2009 to 2015 as well as Associates professor. She was the Creator and scientific curator of "Design Per - International Graphic Design Week" from 2009 to 2015; Creator and scientific curator of "Aiap Women in design Award" from 2011 to present; and Jury member in international design competitions.

    Daniela is an architect and graphic designer. Her worldwide research in design is focused into the relations and historical perspectives of design, in particular Asian, Chinese, and African design. Besides her design work, she lectures at international conferences and several universities and design schools.

  • Zinnia Nizar | Vice President | Indonesia

    "Indonesia, as a country of 17,000 islands, taught me how tough it is working with different designers, even when we are in one country. As our association became active as a Member of ico-D, I also saw the importance of connecting and networking with other designers around the world. Globalisation enables us to discuss various design problems or innovation, but actual connection and collaboration enables us to make things happen and it is a much stronger voice when it is one voice."

    Zinnia Nizar
    Vice President | Indonesia
    E: znizar@ico-d.org

    Zinnia studied graphic design at Art Institute of Seattle (1995) and School of Visual Arts (1998) in United States. She started her career in magazines and continues now to be one of the few designers that is sought out for editorial design in Indonesia. In 2009, she joined the Indonesia Graphic Designer Association and her love for their cause led her to became their president (2014-2017). Within her term, she helped establish the newly founded Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy and she is also active in Indonesia Committee for Economic Industry sector Creative Economy Workgroup as head for Design Sector. She currently teach design in various universities and runs her own studio.

  • Ziyuan Wang | Vice President | China

    "As a member of CAFA, a top design academy in China, and in my role as design educator, practitioner and promoter of design in China, I have experienced the importance of international exchange as a necessary strategy for change both worldwide and at home.Subsequently, CAFA is collaborating with ico-D to conduct a major event in Beijing in 2018. I wish to devote my efforts as a Board member to delivering the value of international interaction to Chinese designers and all ico-D Members."

    Wang Ziyuan
    Vice President | China

    Upon completion of his Masters Degree at Tshinghua University in 1999, Wang Ziyuan moved to China Central Academy of Fine Arts as a professor to teach and chaired the Graphic Design Department in School of Design in 2003-2012. He got his doctoral degree for his comparative research about traditional Chinese calligraphy with modern typographic design in 2011.

    His book design works received the awards ‘Best Book Design of the Year’ of China in 2004, 2007 and 2011, and design works exhibited in UK, Poland, Germany, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, etc. From 2003, Wang joined and directed the pictogram and other basic elements for 2008 Beijing Olympics. Ziyuan has been Vice President of ico-D from 2015-2017.

  • Frank Peters | Executive Board Member | UK

    "If we want clients, government and society to understand the value of what professional designers do then we need to ensure that designers themselves understand what they do and that they are able to articulate it coherently. To do so they need a professional vocabulary and framework that harmonises with other professionals to reinforce their particular skill sets and value in whatever context or wherever they practice."
    Frank Peters
    Executive Board Member | UK

    Trained as an exhibition designer, Frank went on to form his own multidisciplinary creative consultancy.
    Since 2001, as Chief Executive of the Chartered Society of Designers, he has been instrumental in developing its governance and strategy. He conceived, developed and achieved, ‘The Register of Chartered Designers’, and the Society’s education initiative, ‘CSD Course Endorsement Programme’, based on the framework for professional practice which he also designed and developed.

    In discussion with Society’s patron, he arranged to take over the management of the Prince Philip Designers Prize and initiate the Prince Philip Student Design Awards both of which he is the Honorary Secretary. He is a member of the Quality Assurance Agency PSRB steering group, a regular speaker at international fora and is a qualified Chartered Director.