New Member | Luxun Academy of Fine Arts (China)

28 June 2021

All photo credits to Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

ICoD is pleased to welcome new Member Luxun Academy of Fine Arts (LAFA), a leading interdisciplinary fine arts and design institution in China that spans two campuses in the Northeast of China. LAFA is recognised widely as being among the top three academies in its field alongside Tsinghua University and China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

Founded in 1938, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts (LAFA) is situated in Shenyang in Northeast China. Two campuses span over one hundred acres: the Shenyang Campus in downtown Shenyang, and Dalian Campus in Jinshitan, Dalian. Between the two campuses, 17 undergraduate majors in art and design (with counterparts at the Masters level) are offered, including the schools of Industrial Design, Architecture and Design, Environmental Design, Dyeing and Weaving Clothing Art Design, Visual Communication Design, Media Animation, Sino-British Digital Media Arts College, and Lumei Culture International Fashion College.

The Luxun Academy of Fine Arts campuses house an extensive library collection of traditional and contemporary art and design with a collection of more than 3000 paintings and calligraphies, rubbings of ruins and cultural relics as well as in-house art museums. 

In order to uphold the interdisciplinary nature and teaching standards of art and design education today, LAFA values collaboration between scientific and research and creation fields. As of 2019, the school has received two National Social Science Funds, 6 National Social Science Fund Art Projects, and 16 National Art Funds. The college has established friendly inter-school relations with more than 30 art academies in the world. At present, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Luxun has jointly run schools with two international art colleges.

Recent innovations undertaken by LAFA have focused on implementing modern university and governance systems, featuring the integration of "production, study, research and application". The school has expanded its faculty structure and academic teams, strengthening its guidelines to follow the principles of "open-mindedness, distinctive features and outstanding advantages". As example, LAFA’s combined Digital Media Arts programme is providing a range of new research and practice fields and studios to support expanded media design, including "Digital Communication", "Digital Interaction", "Digital Media and Innovation" and "Information Design and New Media". 



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