Call for Speakers: World Design Summit Congress

23 March 2017


Second Call for Speakers
World Design Summit Congress
16-20 October 2017


What are the innovative design ideas and actions that could bring about better futures? How can design in all its facets respond to issues as a transformational agent that supports cultural, political, economic, environmental and everyday societal needs? These are the key and essential questions that will drive discussions at the World Design Summit.

Opening on the 13 March 2017, in this second call for papers, the 6 themes of the Summit are sub-divided into 108 topics. Papers are accepted in their broadest form: a paper can be a presentation about an idea, a concept, a project and a current research. the papers that will be selected must explore innovative and challenging issues related to these 108 topics. They must provide innovative insights on how to attain change, therefore contributing to the objective of the Summit, that is: to demonstrate the tremendous transformative power of design to create viable solutions for the global social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges we face worldwide.

A summary statement (40 words) that clearly states the position of the paper and its innovative and transformative content must be included in each submission. 

Deadline for candidates to submit their proposal is 4 June 2017, 5pm EDT.
Applicants will be notified of the results at the beginning of July. 

PLEASE NOTE: All selected speakers must register at their own cost, including travel and accommodation expenses and registration fees.

Before submitting, applicants can view the full call for proposals with all technical requirements and criteria.

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