ADAA 2016: the most successful year in the history of the competition

12 July 2016
The focus of ADAA 2016 was on launching student careers and as a result, the number of entries doubled, the number of judges doubled, boot camps were launched, mentorships increased dramatically and participants from more countries entered the competition.


ADAA 2016 was the 15th year of the competition and was the most successful in terms of the number of entries submitted with over 5000 projects submitted from over 35 countries.

This year saw the reorientation of the competition to becoming a platform for helping launch student careers, partly achieved thought the introduction of Adobe's career boot camps which will be hosted in various institutions across the world. The boot camps offer students workshops aimed at two distinct streams: the agency career stream and the freelance stream.

The benefits and prizes for the competition have also changed and are now more orientated towards launching student careers. For example, all students who make it through to the finals are now automatically nominated to the Adobe Creative Residency Programme. This is a highly competitive programme and reaching the final stages of the selection process is an enormous benefit. To see more of the benefits and prizes look here

As with previous years, we will still be offering the Adobe ico-D Mentorship to all students who have entered the competition. This is an unique opportunity for students to work with a seasoned professional who can help with either fine tuning their skills, working on their portfolio or giving career advice.

The final judging takes place in San Fran, hope to see you there!


ADAA 2016 ico-D event page.
Adobe Creative Residency Programme
Adobe benefits and prizes

If you are interested in hosting an ADAA boot camp at your institution please email: 

If you think you have the skills and experience and would like to be a mentor on this programme, you can apply here. If you are interested in being part of the preselection panel of judges please email:  for further information.

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