Gavin Mageni on design as the "Golden Thread"

09 April 2015
In this video, Head of SABS Gavin Mageni comments on how design can create economic equity in South Africa.

As the Bureau of Standards for an entire country, acting as a science council reporting to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) but also serving as an independent, professional institution geared towards the development of design entrepreneurship, SABS is uniquely positioned to have impact on how national design is valued.

Watch this video to find out why there has been a noted acceleration of the SA economy through design.

“What we have shown over the last 18 months at SABS is that design thinking can make South African businesses more successful and that entrepreneurial ecosystems can be tracked to attract jobs.”

“Design is the generic element that becomes the golden thread that create chains. Design creates economic equity and impact within a landscape filled with unemployment, poverty, as well as social ills.”


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