Lego As Medium for Art

28 January 2015
IDMN Feature | BranD Magazine 2014 F

In this article, BranD Magazine interviews four LEGO Certified Art and Design Professionals


From ico-D's latest International Design Media Network (IDMN) Member:

How does a brand expand its value by collaborating with creative fields?
BranD looks into the LEGO Certified Professional Program.


“For LEGO lovers and maniacs, LEGO is much more than a brand; it’s a world they dwell within, a kingdom they subject to, and a stage to display and express their ideas and to communicate.

LEGO initiated its LEGO Certified Professional (LCP) Program with the assistance of some professional LEGO scuptors, or to be precise, passionate LEGO fans. These professionals use LEGO bricks and dedicate themselves differently in the creative fields such as art and design…”

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