Announcing Launching Ceremony for the Organizing Committee of the 2015 International Design Congress

20 January 2015
"Eeum Design Connects" | 17-23 October | Gwangju, South Korea

The launching ceremony for the organizing committee of the 2015 International Design Congress (2015 IDC) was held on 14 January at Cultural Station Seoul 284.  The Congress will be co-hosted by the Korea Craft and Design Foundation (KCDF) and Gwangju Metropolitan City, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It was an occasion for all parties involved to reaffirm their commitment towards the success of the 2015 IDC.

To celebrate the launching ceremony Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jongdeok Kim as well as co-chairs of the organizing committee KCDF Director Jeongcheol Choi and Mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City Janghyun Yoon were in attendance. Approximately 20 of the committee members, including Professor Don Ryun Chang (Organizing Chair of the Event) and Korean Federation of Design Association President Myeong-Sik Ryu, also attended the ceremony.

The 2015 IDC will take place during 17 - 23 October at the Kim Daejung Convention Center in Gwangju. Under the theme of "Eeum Design Connects," attendees will discuss the collaboration with various social entities through design as well as participation and innovation. Multidisciplinary programs involving visual, industrial, interior, service, and interaction design are planned in a format that encourages communication and participation. In addition, various sessions, debates, summits, and visits to design spots in Gwangju will take place. Eight design-related international organizations, including ico-D, Icsid and IFI, as well as the Korean Federation of Design Association and 13 other domestic institutions have confirmed their participation.

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About the International Design Congress

The 2015 International Design Congress will gather the most innovative and creative minds from within the fields of design, technology and related fields. The event will be focused on how "Design Connects" by fostering communication, discussion, brainstorming and the intermixing of local and international professionals, students, educators, leaders and the public - all in the unique context of the City of Gwangju.