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    1 Television as universal educator Aubrey Singer 
    To design a television system not merely for social communication, but also capable of responding to a whole range of intellectual values and spiritual problems, is at the heart of the design challenge and of our present dilemma. Aubrey Singer contributes a challenging and controversial view of some of the problems raised by television broadcasting. He is at present Head of Features Group for BBC Television (United Kingdom).
    Visual study in teaching animation Ion Popescu-Gape
      Ion Popescu-Gopo has been a painter, cartoonist, sculptor, journalist, film­ producer and film director. From 1950–1960 he was Head of the Bucharest Studio for Animated Films. In 1969 he took up his present appointment as Film and Television Officer of the World Health Organisation. 
    Defining the goals of education Asa Briggs
      The article published below is a transcript of the opening address for VisCom 71 given by Professor Asa Briggs, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sussex.
    4 Visual communication and education Henry R Cassirer
      Henry R Cassirer joined UNESCO in 1952 and is Director of the Division of Use of Mass Media in Out-of­ School Education. He has written several books on the development of television and radio throughout the world and their use in education. 
    Laser holography as a new medium for visual communication Margaret Benyon and Jonathan Benthall
      This article has been based on a paper prepared by Margaret Benyon for the VisCom 71 Congress. Use has also been made of some extracts from an introductory note by Jonathan Benthall for a recent exhibition of Miss Benyon's work. 
    6 Some research into sign perception Ryszard Otreba
      Doctor Ryszard Otreba's article is a summary of some research that he carried out in connection with a recently published paper entitled 'variability of sign perception in horizontal motion'. Doctor Otreba is at present working at the Crakow Academy of Fine Art.
    7 The book in an audio-visual world F Borden Mace
    F Borden Mace takes a cool look at the so-called 'communications explosion'. Mr Mace is Communi­cations Consultant to Doubleday Multimedia (USA).
    8 Some views on VisCom 71
    The Austrian President, Franz Jonas, delivering an address of welcome to the delegates attending the VisCom 71 Congress held in the Hofburg Congress Centre, Vienna. Photograph by Foro Schikola.
    9 Audio-visual hardware



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    Table of Contents

    2   Speakers at VISCOM ‘71
    3   ICOGRADA Congress and exhibition
      The diagram below tries to clarify the content of the VisCom 71 Congress on the Learning Industry. The difference between VisCom 71 and other conferences on visual communication is that it is attempting to combine a number of disciplines which are affecting the industry.
    In this way it is hoped that the problems will be viewed in their totality and so reveal the relationships between the various activities and their interdependence.

    4   Computer animated movies KC Knowlton
      The illustration shows a sequence of six stills that were produced using the author's new computer language, EXPLØR. EXPLØR is designed for explicit patterns, logical operations, and randomness, and the author will discuss its applications during his speech at VisCom 71.
    5   Differentiating images ltsuo Sakane 
      ltsuo Sakane's article was originally published in 'Graphic Design' (Japan) edited by Masuru Katsumie.
    6   Symbol design in the GDR Gerard Voight 
      Gerard Voigt is a graphic designer and the present Deputy President of the Verbund Bildende Kuenstler of the German Democratic Republic. He was a winner of the Trade Prize from the District of Halle and a winner of the Art Prize from the city of Halle.
    7   Two Belgian designers 
      Jacques Richez, Michel Olyff
    8   Armin Hofmann
    Armin Hofmann is the first Honorary Fellow of the Society of Typographical Designers. An exhibition at the Central School of Art of his work was opened in January by Keith 
    Murgatroyd, President of the Society which sponsored the show.
    Design and science by Paul Kenny 
    Paul Kenny was, until recently, teaching at the Faculty of Creative Arts at San Francisco State College. His article is devoted to the search 
    for a possible new visual language utilising the research of human physiology and experiments in visual communication.
    11   Holography
    ICOGRADA exhibition in Prague 
    Top photograph shows, from left to right, John Halas, Marijke Singer and Stanislav Kovar at the 'Pro Bono Publico' Exhibition in Prague. Photograph by Martin Pycha. Photographs below show a selection of some of the posters which were included in the Exhibition.
    13   Audio-visual hardware
      The possibilities in new technical developments of mass­communication can always be of interest to graphic designers. As the introduction of off-set litho printing has extended the powers of designers whose work is in printing, so also the development of new machines and facilities for displaying moving pictures can extend the powers of designers who are moving into the audio-visual field.

    On this page we show some items of hardware which may help to make audio-visual communication easier in the classroom and in every situation where good audio-visual design is needed.

    14   Definition of Cybernetic Nicolas Scheffer
    Design organisations in Sweden Claes Folkeson