World Design Day

  • WCDD13 “1Love1Word”
    Photo courtesy of JCDecaux
  • WCDD13 “1Love1Word”
    Photo courtesy of JCDecaux
  • WCDD14 "This is what a designer does"
World Design Day (WDD) is an opportunity to recognize the value of design and its capacity for change in the world -- and to celebrate the birthday of ico-D!

The goal of WDD is to challenge designers to reflect deeply on the well-being of people within their local environments, and to find innovative solutions to local needs by using design as a vehicle to honor diversity, transcend borders, and improve quality of life. Marking the anniversary of ico-D’s establishment on 27 April 1963, participants worldwide are invited to gather, innovate, and live out a moment of design by organizing public events and initiatives on 27 April of each year.
  • WDD2016: Design in Action!

    Every year World Design Day is celebrated on 27 April 2016. This year’s theme is Design in Action! We invite designers around the world to participate in WDD2016 by sharing examples of design in action in their city or community via Facebook and Instagram! Share photos, videos, illustrations or other representations of the way design is used to make your life better.

    Download the Kit:
    WDD2016 Kit

    How to participate:

    1. Share your responses on the WDD Facebook group page
    2. On Instagram, use the hashtags: #WDD2016 #Designinaction and tag @theicod

    For more details:

    Visit the WDD Events page

    Contact the Secretariat at


  • Celebrate World Design Day | 27 April 2015

    In celebration of its 52nd anniversary, ico-D asks our Members and Community to: Go Public on Process, Design Together, Open Your Studio, Celebrate Designing Processes in response to this year's theme.

    Download the Kit:

    Share your response:
    WDD facebook group page, Twitter and Instagram using


    Visit the WDD Events page.

  • History

    A concept developed by Kim Paulsen (Vice President 1993-1995) to commemorate the foundation of ico-D on 27 April 1963, the day has been celebrated since 1995 as World Graphics Day, and as World Communication Design Day since 2012.