President's Award

  • Mervyn Kurlansky accepts the 2011 President's Award in Taipei


Beginning in 1970, the ico-D President's Award has been presented on a biennial basis by the ico-D President. The trophy honours an outstanding contribution to the work of the Council.

*Previous to 2014 the Award was known as the Icograda President’s Award

  • Past recipients

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    2011 | Mervyn Kurlansky
 | For his vision of the International Design Alliance (IDA) and his role in nurturing the alliance into reality

    2009 | Robert L. Peters
 | For his many achievements as a Board member and as a member of the founding executive of the International Design Alliance (IDA)

    2009 | Pan Gongkai
 | For helping to redefine the direction of art and design education in China

    2007 | Guy Schockaert | For his tireless advocacy of professional design organisations and his commitment to Icograda

    2005 | Craig Halgreen 
| For supporting and sustaining Sappi's Ideas that Matter program

    2003 | Leimei Julia Chui 
| For her role in making VISUALOGUE: Icograda World Design Congress 2003 a success

1999 | Federico Mayor 
Director-General of UNESCO

    1997 | ADG Uruguay 
| For the organisation of the Icograda Congress XVII and General Assembly

    1995 | Marion Wesel-Henrion and J. Brian Davies
 | Jointly awarded for outstanding work for the Icograda Foundation and the organisation of the Poster Auction

    1993 | Hiroshi Kojitani 
| For outstanding services to Icograda as Vice President and particularly as Founder Chairman of the Friends of Icograda

    1991 | Mary V. Mullin | For the inauguration of the Icograda Foundation and the Friends of Icograda

    1989 | Simon de Hartog | For outstanding services to Design Education

    1987 | Susumo Sakane | For outstanding contribution to Icograda as Vice-President

    1985 | Jan Rajlich | For services to the Brno Biennale

    1983 | Robert Blaich 
| For the promotion of the Icograda | PHILLIPS Award

    1981 | Geoffrey Bensusan 
| For editorial services for the newsletter

    1979 | Robert Vogle 
| For the organisation of the Icograda Congress in Chicago

    1977 | Kenneth and Shelagh Adshead 
| For services to the Icograda Audio Visual Archive

    1974 | Earnest Hoch | For services to the Standardisation and Unification or Typographic Measurement

    1972 | Patrick Wallis Burke | For the design and editing of ICOGRAPHIC

    1970 | Peter Kneebone | For his contribution to the SYMBOLS Commission and for his service as liaison for Icograda to UNESCO and Icsid