"I think my experience is a perfect example of how ico-D and Adobe are actively launching student careers. The mentors help students develop their portfolios which is essential for getting professional work. And by awarding students the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, they have access to professional tools to use for their own work and gain valuable experience. My portfolio that I developed with my mentor Natalie Lawhead, helped me get the job I have now"

Jason Ronzani, ADAA entrant 2014, ADAA winner 2015

"Thank you so much for featuring my work and the illustration I created with Jay Taylor as my mentor! It has been such a great experience and I highly recommend this mentorship program to all art students!"

Alison Conway, ADAA Semi-Finalist 2016

“My mentorship experience helped me learn how to turn my passion into a career. I was exposed to many websites and competitions, and my mentor gave me advice for finding clients. The whole process showed me new horizons that I had never thought about.”

Boris Pramatarov, student of the Adobe ico-D Mentorship Program 2014


  • Apply to be a mentor

    Learn more about the Adobe ico-D Mentorship Programme.

    Learn more about the Adobe ico-D Mentorship Programme.

    Inspiration, guidance, and reflection are invaluable tools during creative and educational development.

    Established design professionals - creative pros-  are invited to deepen their involvement with the design community by sharing their creative insight with design students.

    An Adobe ico-D mentor is an industry professional or educator who is an expert in the discipline of digital design, photography, illustration, animation, or filmmaking. They wish to become a Mentor because they are passionate about helping students build successful career paths in design.

    To apply to become an Adobe ico-D Mentor, contact:

    Emlyn Nardone
    Programme Manager

    or click here to apply


    Read below for more details about the programme.

  • About the Adobe ico-D Mentorship Program

    Learn more about the programme

    In 2013, ico-D developed the Adobe ico-D Mentorship program and has been offering it to students worldwide in partnership with the Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

    The Mentorship program aims to discover and nurture new design voices by facilitating a unique form of creative engagement. By pairing international experts with design students, craft, practice and polish is passed on to developing designers.

    In addition, the singular point of view of young designers influences, and perhaps challenges, the practicing professional in what is a meaningful and creative exchange for both.

    "Every student who submits an entry into the Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) contest is eligible to apply for creative mentorship from an industry professional."

    - from Students Pair Up with Creative Pro’s through Adobe ico-D Mentorships (9 June 2015 Adobe)

    See news from the latest mentorships http://career.adobeawards.com/?p=743


  • Mentorship Showcase

    See the results of a mentor/mentee collaboration, a video titled "Decrypt". Mentor: Lilit Hayrapetyan. Students: Peter Clark + Yeojin Shin + Daniel Uribe.
  • Mentorship Video

    See the 2016/2017 Adobe ico-D Mentorship video