• ico-D Platforms Meeting
    Pasadena 2016
    (credit Alisha Piercy)
  • ico-D Platforms Meeting
    Pasadena 2016
    (credit Alisha Piercy)
  • ico-D Platforms Meeting
    Pasadena 2016
    (credit Alisha Piercy)


Work Groups offer an opportunity to discuss the most relevant Design issues that connect our Educational, Professional and Promotional Members:


National Design Policy
Communicating the Value of Design
Certification & Professional Development


The Professional/Promotional Platform format enables the development of tangible benefits for Members, among them the annual Platform Meetings, round-table forums to which all Members are invited. Platform Meetings assist in defining and redefining ico-D policies and development.

Attendance at annual Platform Meetings is free of charge for ico-D Members. Participation in the event by non-Members is possible for a fee, space permitting.



A focused Member Survey ascertained expectations, potential benefits, challenges and other issues of relevance. The results of this survey were used to determine the themes, scope and schedule for the Professional Platform Meeting and Work Group topics.

Download 2014 Professional Member Survey Report

  • Lead: Rebecca Blake (Graphic Artists Guild, USA)
    Board Liaison: Zachary Haris Ong (ico-D President Elect 2015-2017)

    As a means of increasing global competitiveness and addressing sustainability challenges (both environmental and social), nations are increasingly turning to the design sector for solutions.  Conversely, designers look to governments to support their industry, and promote design locally, within the business and industrial sectors, and internationally. National design policies are an effective tool countries can use to develop a cohesive strategy.

    The National Design Policy Work Group (NDP WG) reviews the many forms national design policies have taken, from fully developed strategic plans, to ongoing programmes executed by design centers, to precursor strategies, such as design awards programmes, exhibitions, and manifestos. 

  • Lead: Zinna Nizar-Sompie Indonesian Association of Graphic Designers (ADGI)
    Board Liason: David Grossman (ico-D President 2015-2017)

    Design is Valuable. Communicating the value of Design to different target audiences is challenging. Clients, end-users, media, government, etc. have very different perspectives, requiring different approaches and designers themselves often are not effective conveyors of the "value of design" message. It is also difficult to define, as design function can vary from all types of sectors of industry and target markets. We, as designers ourselves, do we know how valuable design is? If so, how do we communicate this value?

    Communicating the Value of Design Work Group (CVoD WG) examines the different approaches and knowledge that is needed to effectively address various stakeholders in the public and private spheres regarding the design profession. It aims to help design communities articulate their message in the most effective way possible using relevant data and evidence.

  • Lead: Johnathon Strebly Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC)
    Board Liaison: Peter Florentzos (ico-D Treasurer 2015-2017)

    The Certification & Professional Development Work Group (CPD WG) studies the various systems of professional certification and accreditation that exist in different regions of the world. Countries with established systems share their knowledge with those seeking to implement such systems.