about ico-D Platforms

  • Photo credit: Alisha Piercy (ico-D)
  • Photo credit: Alisha Piercy (ico-D)
  • Photo credit: Alisha Piercy (ico-D)


'Platform Meetings’ were created by Icograda at the 25 General Assembly in 2013 as a way to give Members a format through which they could connect with each other. Platforms gather Members at one place and time, every year, to explore common challenges and action for change.


pasadena platforms

The goal of Platforms is to address transversal issues among regions and categories. Professional and Promotional Members from Lithuania (such as Lithuanian Graphic Design Association), to Indonesia (such as Indonesia Graphic Designers Association), face very similar challenges to do with the recognition of the profession, giving their members value, protecting intellectual property rights or positioning the sector to local government. Educational Members from China (such as Chengdu University of Technology) to Israel (such as Skenkar College of Engineering and Design) also face similar challenges: remaining current, preparing their students for industry, funding and sharing research, opportunities for exchange and benchmarking with other institutions. This is an opportunity to discuss the most relevant Design issues that connect our Educational, Professional and Promotional Members:

Prof/Promo topics:

— National Design Policy
— Communicating the Value of Design
— Accreditation/Certification


Edu topic:

— Curriculum Development


We would like to see activators and innovators participate: deans and managers of universities, curriculum development managers, board members from ico-D Members’ associations, managers of professional Design associations, managers of Design councils and individuals representing our Members. Come together in-person, on-focus, to talk about what matters now in Design!

ico-D’s next Educational and Professional/Promotional Platform Meeting will be in Montréal, Canada in October 2017.