ico-D Secretariat


The Secretariat, located in Montreal, Canada, is responsible for developing and implementing ico-D's programmes and partnerships and promoting the work of our international membership network.

  • Ana Masut
    Managing Director |  Montréal, Canada
    Phone: +1 514 875 7545 ext. 321

    As Managing Director, Ana is accountable for the overall operational and administrative management of the Secretariat, implementation of Board-directed strategy and policy, delivery of ico-D programmes, and development of membership, affiliations and partnerships.

    With an educational background in both International Business and Industrial Design, and over a decade of experience managing international projects in a range of industries, Ana has chosen to apply her expertise to the promotion of design and designers, most recently helping design businesses with their international market development in a position with the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal and, before that, managing international projects for Mission Design, the Québec design council, where she actively participated in the development of the 2017 World Design Summit in Montreal.

    Born in Argentina, raised in the United States and trained in Canada, Mexico and Italy, Ana is a capable and enthusiastic advocate for design as a vehicle for global change.

  • Elizabeth Carbonell
    Events Manager | Montreal, Canada
    Phone: +1 514 875 7545 ext. 323

    Elizabeth is responsible for the event management of internal ico-D events: General Assembly, Annual General Meeting, Platform Meetings, Board Meetings. She also takes care of various programmes such at the Endorsement programmes and World Design Day (WDD).

    She brings a strong background in communications, visual presentation and administration. In her previous role, she led a visual merchandising team as a brand manager. Elizabeth was mandated to organise and spearhead workshops, establish clarity for internal communications, and coach a team of visual merchandising specialists to uphold organisational operating standards.

    Elizabeth played a key role in implementing strategic policies and programs.

Originally from El Salvador, Elizabeth grew up in Montreal where she worked for over 11 years in one of Montreal's largest retail companies.

  • Tara Farsky
    Special Meeting Coordinator | Montreal, Canada
    Phone: +1 514 875 7545 ext. 322

    Tara acts as the central coordinator of the October Special Meeting of Design Weeks, Design Museums and Design Cities.

    Raised in Prague, but now a Montrealer, Tara attended McGill University followed by completing a Masters degree in Contemporary Design at the University of Manchester, London. Her background is in design writing and project management. She currently runs a website showcasing Québec design. 






  • Sam Fitzgerald
    Administrator | Montreal, Canada
    Phone: +1 514 875 7545

    As Administrator, Ms. Fitzgerald carries out all administration duties, and fields all inquiries related to Member invoicing and payment, maintains up-to-date invoicing procedures, monthly membership reports, and ensures that membership participation at ico-D remains active at all times.

    Born in England, Ms. Fitzgerald has worked for various organisations in the UK, including the BBC, British Petroleum Oil (BPO) and several financial houses in roles in Management and Administration, where she developed a strong reputation as a capable problem-solver.

    Ms. Fitzgerald has been in Canada for 7 years and in addition to her new position at ico-D, Sam volunteers at her daughter's French school and supports her husband's creative endeavours. She will be replacing Ana Garcia as of 08 Janaury 2018, and for the next year.



  • Ana Garcia
    Administrator | Montreal, Canada
    Phone: +1 514 875 7545 ext. 324

    As Administrator, Ms. Garcia carries out all administration duties, and fields all inquiries related to Member invoicing and payment, maintains up-to-date invoicing procedures, monthly membership reports, and ensures that membership participation at ico-D remains active at all times.

    Born in Castellón, Spain, Ms. Garcia obtained a Bachelors degree in Law at Universidad Jaime I. Her  final year of study was under the Erasmus programme at L'Università degli Studi di Teramo, in Italy, followed by studies in international law at the London School of Economics. She spent seven years working as a Legal Consultant, first in London, and later in Barcelona, responsible for international corporate projects mainly in Europe, Russia and China. Ms. Garcia arrived in Montreal in 2012. Before joining ico-D, she worked as an Operational Manager for Inditex, one of the biggest retail companies in the world and she looks forward to bringing this wealth of experience in Management and Administration to the ico-D team.

    Ms. Garcia has a background in classical ballet and swing.

    Please note that Ana Garcia will be temporarily replaced by Sam Fitzgerald until 08 January 2019.


  • Frédéric Power
    Controller |  Montréal, Canada
    Phone: +514 281 6601 ext. 233

    Frédéric is responsible for monitoring, recording, verifying and reporting on ico-D financial transactions. He guides financial decisions by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing policies and procedures, protecting assets by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing internal controls. Frédéric monitors and confirms financial condition by providing information to Management to external auditors.

    Frédéric studied at the Ecole des Sciences de la Gestion in Montréal, and is in the process of attaining both his Certified Professional Accountant status and his MBA in Accounting Sciences. He has has worked as a Junior Accountant for Breton services comptables and currently divides his time between ico-D and the graphic design studio orangetango in Montréal. Frédéric is a technophile and loves all films — especially thrillers and the superhero genre.

  • Emlyn Nardone
    Programme Manager |  Montréal, Canada
    Phone: +1 514 875 7545 

    Emlyn is responsible for the delivery of the annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards and for the development of the ico-D ADAA Mentorship program, ico-D Endorsements and Sustainability Tool, and convenes the content, research and recruitment for the Platform Work Groups.

    Emlyn has five years of international experience in marketing, commerce, social media, international business development, with a documented record of success in increasing presence and brand awareness. Emlyn holds a PhD (ABD) in International Political Economy from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and an MA in International Relations from the Brussels School of International Studies.

    Having spent seven years teaching as a University Professor in Galway, Emlyn moved to Montréal in 2013, and began working in publishing and finance, at the same time working as an actor, most recently playing parts in the films Brooklyn and Enragé, all the while assisting to set up Montréal’s Immigrant Integration Initiative, a program designed to help immigrants with job and language assimilation.


  • Alexey Lazarev
    Visual Communications Officer | Montreal, Canada
    Phone: +1 514 875 7545

    As ico-D’s Visual Communications Officer, Alexey’s strategic role is to develop and implement the Council's unique visual language across multiple programmes, intiatives and communications channels.

    Born in Russia where he completed a Masters in Public Administration at St. Petersburg State University, Alexey began his studies in Visual Communications at the University of Hertfordshire and is presently finishing his degree at Concordia University, with a minor in Print Media.

    Alexey has extensive experience working with commercial and non-for-profit international organisations with headquarters in Canada, France, Germany and Russia. Alexey has a strong expertise in graphic design, web design, typography, illustration, image-making and photography, as well as in online and email marketing, social media and digital communications.

  • Alisha Piercy
    Communications Officer | Montreal, Canada
    Phone: +1 514 875 7545

    As Communications Officer, Alisha facilitates the development and implementation of communications strategies for the Council and its Members. Alisha is responsible for the production of articles, news stories, and web-related content as well as managing ico-D’s social media presence. In this role, she promotes the value and reach of ico-D Member activities and initiatives and works to highlight new relationships between design news, stories and events around the world.

    Alisha’s past work includes exhibitions, publishing, communications and conservation projects in Iceland, Spain and Malaysia. She has a BA in Literature from McGill University, an MA in Fine Art from Concordia University, and an MA in Art Conservation from Queen's University.

    Her second book, Bunny and Shark, was published in 2014 - the same year she started working with the ico-D team.